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The constant use of monkey looking characters has got me more intrigued in anime. The monkey characters all just have the same characters but different faces and names. The best part is they are awesome side characters that are used for comedic relief. A famous monkey character isTaro Raimon from the anime “Eyeshield 21″. He is also known as “Monta”. His character is extremely funny where he helps play American football with the other casts. His catchphrase is “Extreme max”. This is something he says when he catches a ball mostly in mid air.



Another character is “Jack”from the Anime called “MAR”. He is also not a main character but his monkey attributes stand out. Jack is extremely funny, and his skills with the ladies is so entertaining as you watch him being rejected continuously. His strength in battle as they fight against opponents is very rewarding as you see his resolve to get stronger from his former position of last to the equal strength of the main characters.




Lastly from a recent anime in 2014 “Nobunaga the fool”. The last monkey boy is “Toyotomi Hideyoshi”.  Hideyoshi is a really hyperactive guy who is always happy. It is obvious to others when he is sad and down. it is noted that through his interaction with “Himiko” his friends betrothed he is a really strong, kind and cool type of person. The anime just made me interested in all our monkey men  and he might be the best among the monkeys for me. It just made me see them in a different light.





Toyotomi Hideyoshi really existed in Japan during the late 1500′s; as a warrior and politician, who succeeded after his master Nobunaga Oda during the Sengoku period. He also brought an end to the Sengoku period. The period of his rule was known as Momoyama period.


On another note anime in my opinion should be spelt like this

A – rtistic

N – ew

I – maginative

M – arvelous

E – ntertainment

Isn’t that the truth? Haha i Just formed it. Its not real guys.

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