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How to Draw Anime


There seems to be a lot of confusion between anime and manga. Anime is the Japanese word which means animation, which can be any short or long animated movie. Do not confuse it with manga, which means Japanese comic book. So, when people are talking about manga or anime, they mean the same thing. When it comes to drawing anime and manga, still there are some technical differences. But, the basic idea is the same. Manga is generally more detailed, but anime or Japanese animated film characters are kept a little bit simpler.
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How to Create Your Own Anime Character Online


You cannot switch on a single animation channel in existence without catching a snippet of at least one anime cartoon series. This style of animation that we are so familiar with today was developed only about forty years ago but the earliest anime clip in existence can in fact be traced back to the year 1917, when a two minute clip was created in Japan, the birthplace of anime. While for the longest span of time the use of anime was limited to animating cartoons, today the use is widespread from video games to movies. No longer is anime considered a simple type of animation. It is now well worthy of being titled an art form with styles varying according to the preference of the animator or the artist. Today it is very easy to learn to draw anime characters, more so because it is simple to create one’s own anime character online with the help of the numerous dedicated websites out there. While there are limitations to these websites because of the fixed number of modifications that you can make to the anime character, the fact remains that these websites can be the perfect start to fuel your new found interest in anime art. 
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Drawing Tutorials for Animes


How to draw Anime & Manga with these Drawing Lessons and step by step drawing tutorials for drawing Anime / Manga. Learn how to draw and sketch Anime and create great cartoons, illustrations and drawings with these free drawing lessons.

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