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Tokyo Ghoul Review


The new anime series called Tokyo Ghoul is a type of anime that makes you wonder about humanities values and rules. A reason I say this is that, an anime which discusses humanity from two perspectives is always interesting to view and discuss about. There are other types of anime that I have seen which talk about the differences on both sides of life forces example Black Bullet another beautiful anime.







The anime Tokyo Ghoul is a supernatural anime that has ghouls (supernatural beings) feeding on human flesh. Most humans hear this and think how gruesome, how unethical, how inhumane. Exactly the point for war between humans and the ghoul. The problem arises when this ghouls show behaviours of humanity also, example having feelings. The only difference between humans and ghouls is their choice of meals. Where humans eat cows and goats as a normal gesture, the ghouls also need the human flesh. All in all both sides are only looking for way to survive.


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