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Anime Series and Characters

Top 10 Anime Series of All Time

The following list of includes some of the top anime series of all time as these series continue to attract as wide (and ever growing) an audience today as they did initially! Check out the 10 most popular anime of all time!

  1. One Piece
  2. Cowboy Bebop
  3. Death Note

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Top 10 Anime Films of All Time


ANIME! Just like you see the word here, the anime phenomenon has constantly grown, and is still growing, by the years! Since its inception in 1917, the anime genre of animation series and movies have garnered a worldwide audience including kids as well as adults. Incorporating teenage and adult content as it moved to subsequent decades, Japanese animation and Manga have assumed cult status within as well as outside Japan and Asian countries! Without wasting more time singing praises of anime, let’s move on to see what are the 10 top anime of all time in the movie as well as series category!

Top 10 Anime Films of All Time
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Genre of Anime


The genres of anime that exist are broad; so its most interesting to pick a particular type. The ones I personally enjoy are detective and sports anime especially with ones where they are playing soccer. Others include: Mecha which has robots and School life which uses high schools; that means no supernatural things happening. The other types of anime that exist but for an older age group is Harem and Ecchi, where the audience is expected to be males. The Reverse harem is for females.

The types of anime that are really interesting are ones that have a Motley crew. It helps us to expect what we are about to watch and makes it more interesting when we get it right. Not only is anime  in T.v series it comes in movies and OVA; which are videos used either to end a T.v  seres or explain a characters point of view through out the series. OVA stands for Original Video Animation.

Some of the anime that I have seen and would like to review at another time are famous ones like Naruto and One piece  when its complete and I have had time to watch it. Other anime that I enjoyed watching are Slam dunk, Black Butler, MAJOR and Detective School Q. The list contains sports, supernatural and detective anime. These are the types I particularly enjoy watching.

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Anime Primate


The constant use of monkey looking characters has got me more intrigued in anime. The monkey characters all just have the same characters but different faces and names. The best part is they are awesome side characters that are used for comedic relief. A famous monkey character isTaro Raimon from the anime “Eyeshield 21″. He is also known as “Monta”. His character is extremely funny where he helps play American football with the other casts. His catchphrase is “Extreme max”. This is something he says when he catches a ball mostly in mid air.



Another character is “Jack”from the Anime called “MAR”. He is also not a main character but his monkey attributes stand out. Jack is extremely funny, and his skills with the ladies is so entertaining as you watch him being rejected continuously. His strength in battle as they fight against opponents is very rewarding as you see his resolve to get stronger from his former position of last to the equal strength of the main characters.




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