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I am going to be giving tips about anime. The main rule is spotting the “difference”. This means learning to differentiate anime from cartoon. In  summary Anime is Japanese made T.V series. Sometimes other parts of Asia contribute, like Korea; but it is originally recognized as a Japanese product. An example is “Naruto and Bleach”

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The term “cartoon” is what Americans make for children consumption, which includes broadcast Programs like KTV, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. An example is “Spongebob and Scooby Doo”



Also there is no plural for the word anime, that means there is no such word as “animes”. That is a big NO.

The anime industry is so popular its almost crazy. There are so many things that come from just an anime. An example is that from manga to anime, it can later become a drama cd and the source for fan fiction.

A drama cd is found on places like youtube. It has Japanese voice actors known as “Seiyuu’s” to be the voices of their character without watching the anime. Sometimes the voices go along with a one picture background or if lucky it has the manga with translation used. There are different types of translators depending on where you are located. The most famous are English, Spanish and Japanese. Although anime companies are always asking for translators; since it is a very hard job, not many are found in that profession. Give it a try if you have bilingual skills.

The fan fiction is a fiction story where fans like you and me get together and write a story using characters from the series to form a story e.g. Naruto marrying Hinata and having kids who look like Sasuke. That already is a plot twist and can make readers interested.

Overall the main point is knowing how to choose between each. If one likes stories, it becomes like a paradise for them because those who are in charge of making this anime are so brilliant in their ideas. Some of the fan fiction I have read have literally given me chills, made me cry and ask myself if it would have been better if it ended like the fanfic in the original series.



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