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The genres of anime that exist are broad; so its most interesting to pick a particular type. The ones I personally enjoy are detective and sports anime especially with ones where they are playing soccer. Others include: Mecha which has robots and School life which uses high schools; that means no supernatural things happening. The other types of anime that exist but for an older age group is Harem and Ecchi, where the audience is expected to be males. The Reverse harem is for females.

The types of anime that are really interesting are ones that have a Motley crew. It helps us to expect what we are about to watch and makes it more interesting when we get it right. Not only is anime  in T.v series it comes in movies and OVA; which are videos used either to end a T.v  seres or explain a characters point of view through out the series. OVA stands for Original Video Animation.

Some of the anime that I have seen and would like to review at another time are famous ones like Naruto and One piece  when its complete and I have had time to watch it. Other anime that I enjoyed watching are Slam dunk, Black Butler, MAJOR and Detective School Q. The list contains sports, supernatural and detective anime. These are the types I particularly enjoy watching.

A list of other Sport anime include;

Giant Killing

The Knight in the Area

Prince of Tennis

Kuroko no baske

Eyeshield 21



A list of Detective anime include;

Detective Conan

Psychic Detective Yakumo

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro


Kamisama no Memochou

Ghost Hunt



A list of supernatural anime include;

No Game No Life


Natsume Yuujinchou

D.N Angel

Zombie Loan

High School DXD

Blood Lad




These are all anime that I have finished and enjoyed except maybe two so I can vouch for their entertainment. The anime that exists for we viewers are not just for entertainment it also expands our knowledge in other peoples culture mainly Japan. Through anime some people learn their first word in Japanese on greetings, blessings and thanking for their food. Its a very entertaining way to learn a language.

Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaste

Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaste

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