Dear Anime World lovers,

I hope you enjoyed the first part of the review. It is time for the second part and we are focusing only on the Second game. Now before reading this review please remember this is just a t.v. show and should not be attempted. Unfortunately today a 14 year old boy has been injured attempting this particular game. Now back to the review.

The second game is the honeycomb game and that is using a type of needle to remove a molded design from a case of honeycomb. The idea was to choose the best shape, like a triangle which had pointed sides. One crack found, and the players get shot. It was so scary to watch all the characters play and wonder who was not going to make it out alive. Our main character Seong GI Hun realized he could lick the honeycomb to make it easier to loosen and the rest of the characters began to follow in his footsteps. Some were able to succeed, including the player 001 an old grandpa that was part of the main cast that seemed to enjoy the children’s games been played regardless of how close to death he always was.

While all this is going on, we get a view of another situation where a crooked doctor is assisting some members of the facility to do organ trafficking for money. They are found out by the head of staff of the facility and killed on the spot, including the doctor. The leader explained that the point of the game was equality and that he did not care if they were making side hustle money but that they had disrespected the game by providing answers to the doctor ahead of time.

A policeman was also hiding incognito among the staff and later gets shot by his brother, who is the leader of the staff. To be honest, I do not really know what the point of the policeman character. They just killed him off without him really doing anything significant. He almost gave evidence to the outside world but due to being trapped on the island the outside world never got the evidence due to no data network on the phone. He had gotten evidence of the killings on the island.

One of the questions I found myself asking is how is it possible that 456 people disappear over night and no one notices? I understand that the people who found themselves on the island were from a low caste in society and were not really on the side of the law due to being gamblers and being in debt but people were not curious where their friends and family went to? What do you guys think? Is that still possible? That almost 500 people disappear overnight and you wont think you were experiencing Rapture and being one of the left behinds? Anyway please comment and tell me what you think. You can also subscribe to receive the 3rd part coming soon.

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Stay tuned for part 3

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