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Welcome to this review and be prepared to be amazed by the cast, crew, and storyline of this Korean drama. After watching this drama, I felt blessed. It’s incredible to come across such an amazing storyline and such a lovely cast. For anyone who knows Lee Dong Wook from Goblin, he played a Grim Reaper with actor Gong Yoo as the famous Goblin. You must know what I mean. Lee Dong Wook is a beautiful man, and any opportunity to watch him on screen is, as I said, a blessing. Onto the show. I apologize for drooling.

The Bad and Crazy drama is a cop drama about Lee Dong Wook’s character, “Ryu Sool Yeol,” changing his ways from being a bad cop to being a good cop after meeting another individual who, in the correct political terms, is known as Crazy. I love how they used the titles to emphasize this. The crazy character named “K” is played by Wi Ha Joon, who also played the police man that infiltrated the games in the famous drama “Squid Game”. His character, “K,” begins to hunt Ryu Sool Yeol at the beginning of the show to make him change his bad ways. This movie can be quite violent, so be prepared for that. They did not hold back on the beatings.

There are so many other amazing characters to introduce, like the female lead, Han Ji-eun, who plays Lee Tae Ri in Kkondae Intern. That was another fantastic show you can check out. In this show, her character “Lee Hui-gyeom” is the love interest of Ryu Sool Yeol and K. She is also a cop, and like the show explained, she is wild, so be ready for her.

Other characters include O Gyeong Tae, played by N from the boy band Vixx. He is another police man recognised in the movie as a good cop, and to be honest, just watching him go from a timid character to a fighter was the highlight for me. There are other characters, including other team members and family members, and, in my opinion, everyone was cast correctly. Even the bad guys in the show had my skin crawling. So many times, I wanted to just punch through my screen and attack the villains. Just to make sure I am not letting anyone get scared while watching this show, I’ll give an idea of some of the themes discussed. Mental health is the main focus. Others include hypnosis manipulation and murder investigations.

The one thing I would say after watching this show is that we have to be careful with whom we put our trust. Watching the female lead be naive was a bit stressful, but I can understand that the people she put her trust in had no reason for betraying her like that. I don’t want to give out too many spoilers, but be prepared to buy a punching bag to stop the urge to break your screen while watching this show. Please be aware that this is going to be a happy ending, so enjoy it and do not worry yourself. I was always wondering what would happen, and I was very happy with the ending they gave. You can watch this show on DramaCool. The link is provided below.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give it a 9.5 because the storyline was beautiful and the chemistry between the two male leads was very entertaining. I am hoping for more opportunities for them to be in another drama. I am thankful to the cast and crew for such a beautiful show.

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