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I am going to be reviewing one of my favourite anime of all time. I had actually read the manga before they announced there was going to be an anime adaptation. You can only imagine my excitement when I found out.

The Forger family is so entertaining to watch, and as expected my favourite character is Anya Forger. The family is made up of a father, mother and daughter that are all strangers, but due to their own interests agree to be a family. The father Loid Forger is an Undercover Spy code named “Twilight”. He is a man of many faces, literally, as he can change costumes so often to fool the enemy.

Loid Forger

Codename – “Twilight”

The wife Yor Forger is a deadly assassin with the codename “Thorn Princess” and hides the alter ego from the rest of the family.

Yor Forger

Codename – “Thorn Princess”

Yor Forger is also an amazing mum and wife and on numerous occasions shown her loyalty in protecting her family.

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Dear Anime World Lovers,

Welcome to this review and be prepared to be amazed by the cast, crew, and storyline of this Korean drama. After watching this drama, I felt blessed. It’s incredible to come across such an amazing storyline and such a lovely cast. For anyone who knows Lee Dong Wook from Goblin, he played a Grim Reaper with actor Gong Yoo as the famous Goblin. You must know what I mean. Lee Dong Wook is a beautiful man, and any opportunity to watch him on screen is, as I said, a blessing. Onto the show. I apologize for drooling.

The Bad and Crazy drama is a cop drama about Lee Dong Wook’s character, “Ryu Sool Yeol,” changing his ways from being a bad cop to being a good cop after meeting another individual who, in the correct political terms, is known as Crazy. I love how they used the titles to emphasize this. The crazy character named “K” is played by Wi Ha Joon, who also played the police man that infiltrated the games in the famous drama “Squid Game”. His character, “K,” begins to hunt Ryu Sool Yeol at the beginning of the show to make him change his bad ways. This movie can be quite violent, so be prepared for that. They did not hold back on the beatings.



Dear Anime World lovers,

Happy New Year!

We are finally doing an anime review this time. It has been a while. Today’s review is the very famous Jojo Bizarre Adventure anime, and we are discussing the 6th arc, Stone Ocean. The only female Jojo character. To be honest, I am just so excited about this one because it did not disappoint. For anyone who has not watched it or has not even started the Jojo stories, you are so lucky because you get to watch it and enjoy such a masterpiece. It is such an emotional ride, so stop all you are doing and go watch it right now. 

Stone Ocean focuses on Jotaro Kujo’s daughter Jolyne  Cujoh, who is found guilty of murder and imprisoned in a “you can never escape type of prison” called Green Dolphin Street Jail. A very scary prison that shoots first, asks questions later for any type of escape. The whole 10 episodes are her stuck in prison and trying to survive from her fellow prison mates and try to escape while still being hunted by assassins with very strong stands.



Dear Anime World lovers,

The hype has finally died down and if you still have not seen Squid game then I promise you that you are not ready for Hellbound. Another chilling Korean drama found on Netflix. I really do not know who is coming up with this stories but no complaints. We are going to discuss the final parts left game 5 and 6.

The Fifth game was probably even the scariest as the behind the scenes confirmed that the actors were really scared while filming because there really was some height involved. The remaining actors only had 16 minutes in total to all cross a bridge made out of tempered or regular glass, where the former was unable to hold their weight.



Dear Anime World lovers,

Thank you for reading, liking my previous posts and subscribing to my page. I do see you guys and appreciate it. I also see that some of you follow me on my instagram page banwoscorner. Thank you. I am back again for another Squid game review. The 3rd part of this tale. This review focuses on the 3rd and 4th game only while the last post would be on the fifth and final game.

The third game is a Tug of War that ends with the loser team plummeting to death from a high distance. The drama gives the viewers great ideas on how to play the game and succeed. The main characters unite and with a number of some additional members to the team they have to become 10 in a group.

They are able to succeed with the advice of the team player 001 the old man and Cha Sang Woo, the main characters’ childhood friend and the only person he knew from outside the facility. Cha Sang Woo is played by Park Hae Soo from the series Prison Playbook.



Dear Anime World lovers,

I hope you enjoyed the first part of the review. It is time for the second part and we are focusing only on the Second game. Now before reading this review please remember this is just a t.v. show and should not be attempted. Unfortunately today a 14 year old boy has been injured attempting this particular game. Now back to the review.

The second game is the honeycomb game and that is using a type of needle to remove a molded design from a case of honeycomb. The idea was to choose the best shape, like a triangle which had pointed sides. One crack found, and the players get shot. It was so scary to watch all the characters play and wonder who was not going to make it out alive. Our main character Seong GI Hun realized he could lick the honeycomb to make it easier to loosen and the rest of the characters began to follow in his footsteps. Some were able to succeed, including the player 001 an old grandpa that was part of the main cast that seemed to enjoy the children’s games been played regardless of how close to death he always was.

While all this is going on, we get a view of another situation where a crooked doctor is assisting some members of the facility to do organ trafficking for money. They are found out by the head of staff of the facility and killed on the spot, including the doctor. The leader explained that the point of the game was equality and that he did not care if they were making side hustle money but that they had disrespected the game by providing answers to the doctor ahead of time.

A policeman was also hiding incognito among the staff and later gets shot by his brother, who is the leader of the staff. To be honest, I do not really know what the point of the policeman character. They just killed him off without him really doing anything significant. He almost gave evidence to the outside world but due to being trapped on the island the outside world never got the evidence due to no data network on the phone. He had gotten evidence of the killings on the island.

One of the questions I found myself asking is how is it possible that 456 people disappear over night and no one notices? I understand that the people who found themselves on the island were from a low caste in society and were not really on the side of the law due to being gamblers and being in debt but people were not curious where their friends and family went to? What do you guys think? Is that still possible? That almost 500 people disappear overnight and you wont think you were experiencing Rapture and being one of the left behinds? Anyway please comment and tell me what you think. You can also subscribe to receive the 3rd part coming soon.

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Dear Anime World lovers, 

I am back again to give a review that to be honest, I already know you have either watched or heard about. In fact, some of you are even able to provide a better version of a review. I normally do not give too many spoilers while writing, but not today. I am going all out and giving enough spoilers, so you feel you actually watched the show if you have not. I am going to split the review in 4 posts so that I do not overwhelm the readers.

The show starts off with our main character, who in another word is a shameless gambler and the father of a young girl. He is aware of his self-worth, but is stuck in the world of continuous gambling. He meets a man who through the method of gambling gets invited to a place where he arrives unconscious. When he arrives, there are as many as 455 other people there, and he happens to be named as the last one of 456. They are all trapped in a facility on an island surrounded by water. They are introduced to each other by numbers and recognized by the staff of the facility by the numbers. The workers of the facility dressed in pink jumpsuits are to never remove their masks. They are taken to a very big room to fill all 456 members and are told that they are going to be playing their very first game.

It is called “Red Light, Green light” a very famous game that young children in South Korea play to have fun. The game seems easy at first, but all of a sudden, the big massive doll that reads out the game instructions begins to shoot lasers from her eyes killing the people one by one. What a mess it becomes. I believe this is the part that most people watching at home got really involved. It’s the idea that any of us could have been a part of these people due to not having enough money and attending events that claim they can assist financially.

 After all the people that are not really that important are dead in the first episode, the characters decide on a vote for if they can leave or continue to stay. The last player to vote 001 votes that they should all leave the facility and not play the game anymore. Once outside some key players, including the main actor Seong GI Hun played by Lee Jung-Jae from “Deliver us from Evil” realize that they really do need the money and decide to go back to the facility and try to be the sole winner of 45 billion Won which in USD equals around 38 million. That’s a lot of money, I’ll say.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and in the mean time please check out for anime merchandise. See you next time.

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Our topic today is female leads you do not want to have as enemies. Our first female on the list is from the drama Dark Hole. For anyone who has seen this, I am sure you would agree that Kim Ok Bin (Lee Hwa Sun) from Arthdal Chronicles killed that role. Dark hole is a thriller horror about a number of survivors running from a black smoke that when inhaled turns the people into monsters similar to zombies. It was an epic drama due to Kim Ok Bins character as a detective. Her fighting skills was enough to make me enjoy it alone, but the story line was just as amazing. Teamed up with a former police man played by Lee Joon Hyuk from the drama 365: Repeat the year.



Dear Anime World lovers,

Is there anyone interested in law? If you are, you have landed on the right review, and if not, it is time to buckle up because you are going to be as shocked as I was when I started watching this show. The drama is currently being aired on Netflix and what an amazing ride it has been. I have been glued to my TV all day at the annoyance of the rest of my family members. I watched the first 10 episodes in one day, and I am currently still watching it.

To explain better, the show starts with a university and the viewers are focused on a set of college students in the Law department. They do mock trials and during them a professor is killed. As you can imagine it gets amazing because everyone is a suspect including their Law professor who gave me serious Severus Snape vibes from Harry Potter. Loved it, no complaints.



Dear Anime World Lovers,

Revenge, anyone? We are back together for an amazing review again and this time, yes, it is all about revenge. Now, you must know the famous line “Vengeance is mine says the Lord” from the Bible (Romans 12:19). This is not that type of drama. Revenge is the main plot of this show, and it is sweet to watch. The revenge is being done by a group of vigilantes who have decided to take the law into their own hands after realizing how weak the law is in their country.

They are people who the system has failed in protecting their loved ones, so they made it their mission to punish the really disgusting monsters pretending to be human beings. What did the drama not have? They fought bullies, rapists and even pedophiles. Fought against people who scam others on the phone and even organ trafficking. There really are a lot of bad people out there, guys, so never trust the mass.


(Spoiler) Attack on Titan Anime Review

Dear Anime World Lovers,

It is time for another anime review and yes, we are doing the very famous Attack on Titan anime. So just for everyone reading to know, this is an old anime. This started in 2013, and we are finally done with the 4th season in 2021. This has been a long and wonderful ride. So, to tell the whole story, Attack on Titan is an anime where a country is been invaded by huge giants that eat human flesh. Not as a source of food, but as a form of entertainment. There are three main characters including Eren and his adopted sister Mikasa, with a childhood friend Armin. All three are trying to survive in such a crazy world. There are some honourable mentions including Levi, Erwin, Jean, Conny, Christie and Sasha.

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