Dear Anime World Lovers, I am going to be reviewing one of my favourite anime of all time. I had actually read the manga before they announced there was going to be an anime adaptation. You can only imagine my excitement when I found out. The Forger family is so entertaining to watch, and asContinue reading


Dear Anime World Lovers, Welcome to this review and be prepared to be amazed by the cast, crew, and storyline of this Korean drama. After watching this drama, I felt blessed. It’s incredible to come across such an amazing storyline and such a lovely cast. For anyone who knows Lee Dong Wook from Goblin, heContinue reading “(SPOILER) BAD AND CRAZY KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW”


Dear Anime World lovers, Happy New Year! We are finally doing an anime review this time. It has been a while. Today’s review is the very famous Jojo Bizarre Adventure anime, and we are discussing the 6th arc, Stone Ocean. The only female Jojo character. To be honest, I am just so excited about thisContinue reading “(SPOILER) JOJO BIZARRE ADVENTURE: STONE OCEAN ANIME REVIEW”


Dear Anime World lovers, The hype has finally died down and if you still have not seen Squid game then I promise you that you are not ready for Hellbound. Another chilling Korean drama found on Netflix. I really do not know who is coming up with this stories but no complaints. We are goingContinue reading “(SPOILER) SQUID GAME KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW FINAL”


Dear Anime World lovers, Thank you for reading, liking my previous posts and subscribing to my page. I do see you guys and appreciate it. I also see that some of you follow me on my instagram page banwoscorner. Thank you. I am back again for another Squid game review. The 3rd part of thisContinue reading “(SPOILER) SQUID GAME KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW PART 3”


Dear Anime World lovers, I hope you enjoyed the first part of the review. It is time for the second part and we are focusing only on the Second game. Now before reading this review please remember this is just a t.v. show and should not be attempted. Unfortunately today a 14 year old boyContinue reading “(SPOILER) SQUID GAME KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW PART 2”


Dear Anime World lovers,  I am back again to give a review that to be honest, I already know you have either watched or heard about. In fact, some of you are even able to provide a better version of a review. I normally do not give too many spoilers while writing, but not today.Continue reading “(SPOILER) SQUID GAME REVIEW PART 1”

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Dear Anime World Lovers, There is a Huge Sale on right now. Free Shipping for USA citizens with the discount code ANIME4EVER Other countries with a 10% Off discount with the code ANIME4LIFE. Some of the anime merchandise include Tee-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Tank tops and also an Anime World branded Yoga mat. Exciting right? IfContinue reading “Big News!!! Sale On Right Now”

(Spoiler) Attack on Titan Anime Review

Dear Anime World Lovers, It is time for another anime review and yes, we are doing the very famous Attack on Titan anime. So just for everyone reading to know, this is an old anime. This started in 2013, and we are finally done with the 4th season in 2021. This has been a longContinue reading “(Spoiler) Attack on Titan Anime Review”


Dear Anime World lovers, Have you ever felt you were living in a nightmare? Well get prepared because that is what you might feel when watching Castlevania. Now the show is not new but has its recent season out, so a review is due. Castlevania is such an amazing mix of horror, gore, and fantasy. The main storylineContinue reading “(SPOILER) CASTLEVANIA ANIME REVIEW”


Dear Anime World drama lovers, We are doing another Korean drama review and yes, it is the anticipated series called Move to Heaven. Even the trailer on Netflix can show what a gem this show is. The main characters are family members, a nephew and Uncle who begin to live together after the younger one’sContinue reading “(SPOILER) MOVE TO HEAVEN”

(Spoiler) Yasuke Anime Review

Dear Anime lovers, Don’t you just love history? It is finally time for another anime review and this is just not only an interesting one it is focused on real life people. Yes, we are talking about Oda Nobunaga, a real-life Feudal lord in Edo Japan who lived in the Sengoku period (mid 1500 century). Oda Nobunaga was a lord who was known as aContinue reading “(Spoiler) Yasuke Anime Review”