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Our topic today is female leads you do not want to have as enemies. Our first female on the list is from the drama Dark Hole. For anyone who has seen this, I am sure you would agree that Kim Ok Bin (Lee Hwa Sun) from Arthdal Chronicles killed that role. Dark hole is a thriller horror about a number of survivors running from a black smoke that when inhaled turns the people into monsters similar to zombies. It was an epic drama due to Kim Ok Bins character as a detective. Her fighting skills was enough to make me enjoy it alone, but the story line was just as amazing. Teamed up with a former police man played by Lee Joon Hyuk from the drama 365: Repeat the year.

They protect all the other citizens, including a young child that has just been orphaned due to the apocalypse. There were a lot of good things about the show and I advise anyone who enjoys watching people run for their lives due to undead things, you do not want to miss this.

Our second female lead on the list is Oh Bong Yi, played by Park Ju-Hyun from Extracurricular on the Korean drama called Mouse. If you have not seen Mouse, you are really missing out. Oh Bong Yi is just a normal high school student, but she has a fighting spirit. Even when she is scared, she still believes in herself and confronts her demons. Monster is a psychological drama about Psychopaths. The idea of the drama is what if we could have been able to identify psychopaths before birth? Mothers could abort earlier to reduce the crime rate in the country. Not too sure where I stand on the idea but it could be a topic starter for anyone interested in the comment section. As usual, she is teamed up with our one and only Lee Seung Gi from Korean Odyssey. To be honest, if you do not know this man, and you are a Korean drama fanatic, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Oh Bong Yi’s first demon started from a young age and even as a high school student, she has learned to fight to protect herself. She is a character I believe deserves to be on this list, even though she is still in high school. Just imagine what her adult self would become if she continues in this way.

The third female lead is Lee Da Hee from the Beauty Inside. She plays Ha Neul Ae Gu Reum in the drama L.U.C.A: The Beginning, a sci-fi thriller drama that focuses on a man that has extraordinary powers, including generating electricity from his body. Lee Da Hee’s character is a police woman who is trying to find out the truth about her parent’s disappearance and comes across the electric man called Ji Oh (Z-O) played by Kim Rae Won from Doctors (2016). Lee Da Hee’s character is so fun to watch, including all the anxiety I was getting from such an amazing drama. She was hit so many times and got back up so many times, I thought her catchphrase was going to be “Believe it” like Naruto.

I mean, the number of beatings she went through alone in the first 2 episodes was enough to ask if the actor was really okay. She gave just as she got, so there were a lot of fighting scenes in this drama that just made it wholesome. You really do not want to miss this drama because it was quite addictive. 12 episodes of awesome delight.

Our final last female badass is Hong Ji Ah played by Jang Na Ra from the Last Empress in the drama Sell Your Haunted House. If you have not watched this drama, and you love shows with ghosts, you now know what to watch next. To be honest this female lead killed this drama with her acting skills. Just as beautiful as she is in all her dramas, this one was so exciting because she showed talent by being an ice queen in this drama. She had a cold personality. Hardly smiled but still so captivating. This is one drama I do not regret watching. The storyline is that she sees ghosts and is trying to find the perfect psychic, a medium (someone who ghosts can possess) in my opinion, to help exorcise her mother’s spirit bound to the house she is in. As usual, cue in our sexy male lead Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE boy band who is not even aware he is a medium.

He is actually a scam artist pretending to get rid of ghosts in people’s home. Ridiculous right? This drama was hilarious, and the acting was just as intense, because I loved watching the female lead save the male lead so many times. It was an enjoyable watch, so do not miss this. There you have it; all 4 beautiful and intense female leads. If you have any others you wish to inform me about, please do not be shy and comment, so others can watch and enjoy the dramas too.

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