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Is there anyone interested in law? If you are, you have landed on the right review, and if not, it is time to buckle up because you are going to be as shocked as I was when I started watching this show. The drama is currently being aired on Netflix and what an amazing ride it has been. I have been glued to my TV all day at the annoyance of the rest of my family members. I watched the first 10 episodes in one day, and I am currently still watching it.

To explain better, the show starts with a university and the viewers are focused on a set of college students in the Law department. They do mock trials and during them a professor is killed. As you can imagine it gets amazing because everyone is a suspect including their Law professor who gave me serious Severus Snape vibes from Harry Potter. Loved it, no complaints.

For anyone who gets as excited as I am when you hear the name Kim Bum from Boys over Flowers, yes, he is one of the main students who is harshly accused the most about the murder. I loved watching the show because I was able to learn a lot about law topics that do not only apply to South Korea law but to international law. This might sound all boring when talking about law, but remember this is a Korean show, so there is definitely always drama.

The other actors face issues like plagiarism, abuse from their loved ones, Peer pressure to succeed and all the other topics that can stress a college student. The Law Professor is being acted by Kim Myung-min from Beethoven Virus, and the female lead is Ryu Hye-young from Reply 1988. It is an amazing cast that was able to captivate their audience. As usual, we have the bad guys, and they keep me entertained throughout the show. The suspicions are high because there are different theories being brought up on how the professor died, so be prepared to think smart. There is a bit of politics being mentioned since it is a Law drama, but I guarantee that does not last a lot to deter a viewer from enjoying the show.

If I was asked what my favourite parts of the show is, it is when they are in court. I enjoy listening to the Law Professor talk because he is able to entertain you and make you want to pee your pants at the same time. Law school is definitely not a stroll in the park, so I do commend the people who are studying it. All I can advise is be true to yourself and do the very best you can. Unfortunately, there are always going to be both good and bad lawyers, and this show helps highlight the differences.

There is no romance in the show, but I did catch a bit of some flirting going on around so that was entertaining, but so far no one is professing any main love. I love the outfits in the show, as most people wore suits most of the time, so it was definitely pleasing to see on both the men and women. Please remember that the show will discuss some serious stressful topics, so you have to be prepared for it because half of the show lets murderers and a rapist walk around with the only protection of others being an ankle monitor, which in my opinion was definitely not enough.
In regard to the drama as a whole, I would give it an 8/10 because I really enjoyed the story, and the soundtrack being used. Each actor performed extremely well, and I enjoyed myself watching an amazing cast. Hoping for a season 2 of this show.

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