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Revenge, anyone? We are back together for an amazing review again and this time, yes, it is all about revenge. Now, you must know the famous line “Vengeance is mine says the Lord” from the Bible (Romans 12:19). This is not that type of drama. Revenge is the main plot of this show, and it is sweet to watch. The revenge is being done by a group of vigilantes who have decided to take the law into their own hands after realizing how weak the law is in their country.

They are people who the system has failed in protecting their loved ones, so they made it their mission to punish the really disgusting monsters pretending to be human beings. What did the drama not have? They fought bullies, rapists and even pedophiles. Fought against people who scam others on the phone and even organ trafficking. There really are a lot of bad people out there, guys, so never trust the mass.

The main male lead is Lee Je-Hoon from TV dramas Signal and Move to Heaven. You can find my review on Move to heaven here. The female lead is Esom from TV drama The Third Charm and movie Scarlet Innocence. Esoms character plays a prosecutor who believes in the validity of the law, so it’s all a chase on who can get the bad guys first. Her character is meant to emphasize that we should not take the law into our own hands. I understood the necessity of adding her to the drama, but even the webtoon comic the show is made from did not have her character.

So, to be fair personally she is of no use in the drama, but I accept there are different people wanting to see how the law is connected to cases found in the drama, so the law discussions should be left in. She even gets in the way of the other characters trying to get their revenge, so I can understand how people may feel after watching the show. The best place to watch the drama is on DramaCool because unfortunately it is not on Netflix.

The drama uses an amazing soundtrack that gets you so hyped up when the male lead comes on camera. His revenge theme song is so wonderful, and he can really fight. I never have a fear of him losing when he is fighting anyone because they have made him seem like one superior fighter. All we know is that he is former military personnel, but even with that, his fighting is amazing. As usual, for people who fancy an attractive man, this is a show you would not want to miss out on. Another thing is that I have to give credit to the male lead. His acting skills are probably one of the best I have ever seen. The reason is that for each scene he has to enact revenge for a paying customer, he has to play a role for each situation. He has shown we the viewers what a versatile actor he is, and, I cannot wait for his next drama.

I am currently still watching the drama and not to spoil too much, but the main characters are in some serious trouble. If you have watched the drama, you know where I stopped for now and if not, what are you waiting for? Go watch it and come back and tell me what you also think of it.

In regard to this drama, I would give it a 9/10 and that is because it is such an amazing story as a whole. It loses a point because I did not need the female lead character to be a hindrance for the whole show.

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