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We are doing another Korean drama review and yes, it is the anticipated series called Move to Heaven. Even the trailer on Netflix can show what a gem this show is. The main characters are family members, a nephew and Uncle who begin to live together after the younger one’s father has passed away. What a rollercoaster. Every episode includes a death and as morbid as those sounds it was amazing to see their stories revealed. Now the nephew Han Geu Ru is played by Tang Jun Sang from the drama Crash Landing on You. His character has the Asperger’s Syndrome, but that does not limit him. He is quite intelligent with a high increase of memorization skills. He could glance at a paper for a few seconds and tell you everything word for word. What an amazing superpower. Would have been useful for studying in school.

The Uncle is Cho Sang Gu played by Lee Je Hoon from the drama Signal. Great show if you still have not seen it. His character is the tough love type. Hard childhood, abandonment issue and a convict from jail for almost manslaughter? I suck at law, but that sounds reasonable. The main point is that this boxing, fighting machine gets to be in charge of our baby sheep Han Geu Ru, so you can expect how worried we as the audience get to be. They are in charge of a job called Trauma Cleanup which is a very important job. As a reminder they are not in charge of cleaning the dead bodies which that is also a very important job but theirs is to help clean up the dead individuals’ belongings. Think of it as a final move. It was amazing to see how much respect was given to the dead in the show, and it makes us realize how every moment we are alive is a moment to make even more connections with others. Never take life for granted.
Also, for anyone reading who is interested in Lee Je Hoon he is looking quite amazing in this show, so that’s extra eye candy. Catch him next in his other drama called Taxi Driver on DramaCool.

The shows’ themes are centred around “live life to the fullest, have no regrets, and tomorrow might be today”. So, it’s a reminder to do all we can with our limited time. As usual, you would need your pack of tissue by your side as there are going to be a lot of tears shed. What I would say about the show is that it is not boring. For a 10-episode drama found on Netflix, I was engaged in every scene. For such a dark theme there were still cases of laughter and that was fun. I was also surprised they had an episode dedicated to boy’s love (BL) as Korean shows are normally conservative about that, so it was interesting to see.

In regard to the review I’ll give it a 9/10 because it is a wonderful drama. It’s missing a 1 because I’m not done yet so anything wrong that may happen can still happen. I want to thank the writers, producers and cast for an amazing production.

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