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Have you ever felt you were living in a nightmare? Well get prepared because that is what you might feel when watching Castlevania. Now the show is not new but has its recent season out, so a review is due. Castlevania is such an amazing mix of horror, gore, and fantasy. The main storyline is dealing with blood-sucking vampires, pun intended, and their hunters. It has so much more than that, too. Draculas’ name used in this show as “Vlad Dracula Tepes” is a real name gotten from a man in history who was a warlord in Romania in the early 1500s and was known as “Vlad III Dracula or Vlad the Impaler”. The Castlevania show starts out in revenge where Draculas’ wife has been killed for practising magic but was actually just an advanced doctor during those times. They burn her as a witch, and Dracula decides the revenge to the humans is to wipe all the humans out. He decides to go to war with his Vampire council and decide on ways to enact his revenge. As usual, Dracula is the antagonist in this show, and we all need heroes.

The heroes are three individuals Alucard is one, a half human and half vampire and also Draculas’ son.  Sypha Belnades a female speaker magician and our main hero Trevor Belmont, house of Belmont monster exterminators. He is the very last of the Belmont, so he is quite a gem in the show. So, it takes a hybrid, a magician and a monster hunter to save the day.

What I really enjoy about this show is the amount of gore found. They did not hold back on it, and the night creatures are really as scary as what you might expect if you really end up in hell. There is so much chaos after Dracula decides on his plan on killing all humans on earth. No, not just Wallachia (Kingdom of Romania) where they killed his wife, but the whole world full of humans had to be killed for the silence he craved.

There were some other wonderful characters in the show, including two forgemasters, Isaac and Hector. I loved Isaac more because as you watch it, he is mainly the character that we can see has a character development. Just really enjoyed watching him, especially in season 3. Hector’s character is also important, and I feel a form of pity for the situations he finds himself in, but I got to say he needs to stop being naive in some cases.

The show is beautiful to watch, with emphasis on the action when fighting, and I enjoyed that because Castlevania felt a lot more real than most anime. The reason was there was a slowness to the acting. The show was not slow and far from boring, but the actions of the characters were well detailed. An example is moving a trunk from one corner of the room was slow enough that you really feel like you were the one moving it. I loved the experience as it was new and not many anime shows do this. If you plan to watch this amazing show, it’s airing on Netflix for the lucky few that have access. For the others, there are sites like gogoanime that still air it in Japanese subtitle. The original soundtrack was in English on Netflix.

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