(Spoiler) Attack on Titan Anime Review

Dear Anime World Lovers,

It is time for another anime review and yes, we are doing the very famous Attack on Titan anime. So just for everyone reading to know, this is an old anime. This started in 2013, and we are finally done with the 4th season in 2021. This has been a long and wonderful ride. So, to tell the whole story, Attack on Titan is an anime where a country is been invaded by huge giants that eat human flesh. Not as a source of food, but as a form of entertainment. There are three main characters including Eren and his adopted sister Mikasa, with a childhood friend Armin. All three are trying to survive in such a crazy world. There are some honourable mentions including Levi, Erwin, Jean, Conny, Christie and Sasha.

There are so many other characters that make this show so much worth it, and it just gives me so much joy in watching again from season 1 because you get to recognize all the little details missed the first time.  Erens character is of the highest importance because as the main character he has a serious hatred for titans who destroyed his hometown and killed his mother. His father is missing, and he is forced to try and look for his father and also join the Scouts, an army with the sole purpose of killing all the Titans that are outside a wall surrounding their country. Mikasa’s character is fascinating. She is a very important character because it seems she is the self-appointed bodyguard of Eren. The reason is that Eren tends to find himself in trouble a lot of times due to his sense of self-righteousness.  Armins character is tailored more to be a strategist for war. He doesn’t do much of the heavy lifting, but he is a thinker, just like Shikamaru in Naruto for those who understand what I mean.

The show is also very gory, so I should mention that it is not for children. I mean, there is nudity as the giants are always butt naked and the language is filled with curse words. The show is currently airing on Netflix for Season 1 with 25 episodes, but the others can be found on animeshow.tv with 10 to 12 episodes for each season. It is such an addicting show, so be prepared to have enough time to watch.

Also, in regard to the anime, I’ll give it a 8/10 as a whole. The soundtrack is an 8/10 because the music scenes they use for serious situations get you so excited. The plot is a 9.5/10 because it is quite unique in a way. The Animation is 8/10 as the fight scenes were so fun to watch, especially when fighting the Titans. Flying up and down using their (Omnidirectional mobility) ODM gear was so fantastic. The setting is a 7 because it is during year 845 CE where it started in an alternative universe that seems similar to North America. The country is surrounded by three walls protecting each city with an outer wall named Maria, middle wall called Rose and inner wall protecting their king as Sina.

If you are not scared of bumps in the night and think you can stomach a lot of blood and psychological trauma, this is the perfect show for you. So good luck and enjoy!

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