Dear Anime World Lovers, I am going to be reviewing one of my favourite anime of all time. I had actually read the manga before they announced there was going to be an anime adaptation. You can only imagine my excitement when I found out. The Forger family is so entertaining to watch, and asContinue reading


Dear Anime World lovers, Happy New Year! We are finally doing an anime review this time. It has been a while. Today’s review is the very famous Jojo Bizarre Adventure anime, and we are discussing the 6th arc, Stone Ocean. The only female Jojo character. To be honest, I am just so excited about thisContinue reading “(SPOILER) JOJO BIZARRE ADVENTURE: STONE OCEAN ANIME REVIEW”

Big News!!! Sale On Right Now

Dear Anime World Lovers, There is a Huge Sale on right now. Free Shipping for USA citizens with the discount code ANIME4EVER Other countries with a 10% Off discount with the code ANIME4LIFE. Some of the anime merchandise include Tee-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Tank tops and also an Anime World branded Yoga mat. Exciting right? IfContinue reading “Big News!!! Sale On Right Now”

(Spoiler) Attack on Titan Anime Review

Dear Anime World Lovers, It is time for another anime review and yes, we are doing the very famous Attack on Titan anime. So just for everyone reading to know, this is an old anime. This started in 2013, and we are finally done with the 4th season in 2021. This has been a longContinue reading “(Spoiler) Attack on Titan Anime Review”

(Spoiler) Yasuke Anime Review

Dear Anime lovers, Don’t you just love history? It is finally time for another anime review and this is just not only an interesting one it is focused on real life people. Yes, we are talking about Oda Nobunaga, a real-life Feudal lord in Edo Japan who lived in the Sengoku period (mid 1500 century). Oda Nobunaga was a lord who was known as aContinue reading “(Spoiler) Yasuke Anime Review”

Top 5 Sports anime

Dear Anime World lovers,We are discussing anime that has a sport genre. There are different types of anime that focuses on this genre including even golf. Yes, I am talking about “Dan Doh! The Super Shot”. That was an interesting anime. If you have not watched it or are just curious how golf can be animated,Continue reading “Top 5 Sports anime”

(Spoiler) Pacific Rim: The Black Review

Happy New Month Anime lovers!Woo-hoo what a ride. This show was so exciting the last episode made me scream for joy. I enjoyed every single moment of it. Both the ups and down of their situation. The anime is about an apocalyptic world they call living in the “Black”. There are very few survivors leftContinue reading “(Spoiler) Pacific Rim: The Black Review”

(Spoiler) DOTA Dragon’s Blood Review

“There is a monster in me”. That is the topic of the day. DOTA is an anime adapted from a video game that has a huge fan base. Most people are already familiar with the plot and are quite obsessed with the story. The story has some resemblance to Dragon’s Dogma with the use of dragons, butContinue reading “(Spoiler) DOTA Dragon’s Blood Review”

Naruto Shippuden Review

Dear Anime World Lovers, It is finally over for our youthful Ninja, like Rock Lee would say. It has been a great experience watching Naruto and it took me 11 years to complete it. Of course I cried at the very end. It was emotional. Naruto was and is forever one of the best Anime that is relatable to anyone thatContinue reading “Naruto Shippuden Review”