(Spoiler) Pacific Rim: The Black Review

Happy New Month Anime lovers!
Woo-hoo what a ride. This show was so exciting the last episode made me scream for joy. I enjoyed every single moment of it. Both the ups and down of their situation. The anime is about an apocalyptic world they call living in the “Black”. There are very few survivors left and the anime setting seem to be referencing Australia as there are recognizable accents and locations like Sydney.

The show follows two siblings Taylor an older brother who understands his duty to protect his younger sister and Hayley the younger sister who is always looking for an adventure.

In this world there are demon creatures who are the true enemy to the humans, and they are called “Kaiju” a Japanese term for strange beast or giant monsters. They are being fought by giant monsters created by the humans called “Jaegers” a German name for hunter or huntsman.

The sibling’s parents are registered fighters and due to an emergency had to separate from their children to find help. The children are left behind for five years with others in a smaller community and due to Hayley finding a “Jaeger” they decide to leave and find their parents. The story is so interesting because of the sibling’s connection. It’s nice to watch a show that focuses on family relationship and dependence and not always on romance.

Animation — 8.5
Plot — 8.5
Setting — 8
Soundtrack — 7

I’ll give it 8/10 as a total score

The colours were exciting and so was the action. It reminded me of what a true Mecha anime should feel like, especially, when you feel desperate with the characters when you realize they are just children themselves trying to survive. The animation was stimulating as it was very bright and so was the plot. The music was not memorable just correct sounds for every situation. The setting was new as it felt more North American even with the main characters having English names. On Netflix there was no Japanese subtitle option only, English, French, Spanish and German. Overall, it was quite an enjoyable watch and for anyone who has not watched it I advise you to. It is not one to miss.

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Bye Anime World lovers.


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