(Spoiler) DOTA Dragon’s Blood Review

“There is a monster in me”. That is the topic of the day. DOTA is an anime adapted from a video game that has a huge fan base. Most people are already familiar with the plot and are quite obsessed with the story. The story has some resemblance to Dragon’s Dogma with the use of dragons, but to be honest I enjoyed DOTA more. Dragon’s Dogma was a good anime. Check it out if you haven’t. I would say DOTA was a good watch. Watched it all in one day because I was that hooked on it. Even the beginning of how they start, it gets you excited. There is an introduction to all the beings in the land e.g., dragons, gods, demons, elves, man. It’s all in the show and that is already exciting but as you guessed it gets even more exciting because the main character gets to have a surprise at the end of the first episode. Having to live with whom he has become it’s a beautiful storyline of fighting creatures and other humans to survive. It’s quite a bloody show so be prepared if you enjoy seeing blood splats on the screen.

The main character Davion is a Dragon Knight who became orphaned as a child and has dedicated his life to killing all dragons so that they never orphan another young child. That is a serious declaration which he tries to fulfill, and he believes in honouring the dragons as he kills them.

Mirana is the female protagonist a princess of her people. She is a very tough and beautiful character and I love how simple her character looks. There is no emphasis on extra hair colours like other anime she just has brown hair which makes her relatable to most people unlike the normal rainbow theme anime hair colour. She’s a fighter and a sensible woman, and she is on a mission to find the precious lotuses that were stolen from her Kingdom. She travels with her trusted companions a white tiger named Saigon and her body guard a woman named Marci. They all get to meet by chance and that leads to Davion and Mirana’s companions going on a journey to find an answer to each their problem.

Animation — 7.5
Plot — 8.5
Setting — 7.5
Soundtrack — 8.5

I’ll give it 8/10 as a total score

The music was very good especially the songs the children of the elves sing. The animation was interesting but still looked similar to other anime. The plot was interesting but not too new, like I said familiar to Dragons Dogma but still a lot of new and interesting ideas to be seen as unique. Finally, the setting was not too new and still nostalgic enough.

There are other main characters like goddesses, demons and elves but in order not to spoil the anime I’ll advise you to watch it. All I can say is that there is no limit to a Father’s love.
The show had comedy, magic and serious number of fighting scenes, and it was a very colourful setting. Not as colourful as Blood of Zeus but definitely still eye catching. I’ll advise anyone who has not watched DOTA Dragons Blood on Netflix to watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

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