(Spoiler) Love (ft Marriage and Divorce) Korean Drama Review

Are you married? Cause if you are, your partner is probably cheating on you.
That is literally what this whole drama series is about.
I am so upset that 16 hours of my life is not something I can regain back. Don’t get me wrong the show was brilliant. It was captivating, and it satisfied my curiosity in married people’s lives, but really why drag the story for so long? After a while the show started romanticizing cheating couples. Like, how could they? The series is a South Korean drama about three women who might not have been saints themselves, are married to men that have decided their life purpose is to be unfaithful to their wives and family. One of them even got their mistress pregnant. I liked the way the women were different as it emphasized that the women were all having 3 different personalities, but it was upsetting to see that their husbands still were unfaithful. One wife was the modern high-class independent woman who knew her rights as a woman and believed in her femininity but sometimes came across as rude, which she really was in some cases. The second woman was a mother of a preteen and understood the need for being a working mum. Made it a point to not be seen as just a housewife so was very involved in her workplace. She had to joggle being a mum and a wife but was quite content in her marriage. The third wife is of the older generation she is a mother of two children, a 20-year-old woman and a 12-year-old boy. She believes in hard work and has a job but is also more on the conservative side. She’s feminine but lacks interest in fashion or beauty tips because she is just so focused on her family and the housework. All three women work in the same business.
I am going to just give a story of all 3 couples to make it easier to understand.

Couple #1
The husband is a lawyer and married a Radio host. Fell in love with her at first sight but due to her prickly personality and being older in age than him their relationship had always been rocky. I’m not going to deny that the woman was extremely selfish to her husband, but she does not deserve to be cheated on. This couple #1 man is the one who falls in love with an even older woman and impregnates his mistress. The whole family finds out and his parents are torn between being angry for their son’s unfaithfulness to his wife or being elated that they might be grandparents soon. Apparently, the wife never wanted kids which was agreed upon before marriage. I just believe they were an unmatched pair from the beginning and their 3 years together was not enough to understand each other as a married couple.

The husband is a Theater Studies Professor at the University, and the wife is a scriptwriter for the couple #1 wife. They have two children, and they have been together since they were 19 years old. They knew each other for 10 years before marrying for 21 years, but the marriage collapses when the wife finds out that her husband has been cheating on her. What really impressed me was her 20-year-old daughter. The way she handled it and how she explained to her father the consequences of his actions to the family is literally what every adulterer should hear. In her words “in order to gain something you have to lose another.” No family is truly willing to take a man or woman who has been unfaithful to the whole family. The 12-year-old boys’ reaction is what hurt the most when you hear him ask why he is not as important as the new mistress. You need to watch it yourself to see what I mean. It hurt even watching it through the screen.

The husband is a doctor and the wife is a Producer for the couple#1 wife (radio host). This husband hurt me the most, probably because I was rooting so much for the him. He is a very handsome actor and just watching the way he interacts with his family would not even let you have any doubts of his devotion to his daughter and wife. Well, it seems we are wrong again. In fact, this husband is the worst of them all. I wanted to scream and throw my laptop away so many times. He is the devil himself. This man is such a player that I feel so much pity for the wife. She’s not even aware of what kind of snake she lives with. This man is the type that can cheat in front of you, and you would still think it is not what is really happening. He is that good. He doesn’t show any tells when lying, and he is so manipulative with his words. Even I keep falling for his words through my screen making me second guess what I just watched. His cheating is more painful than the others in some way because the other men we can see how it happened, what lead to each situation, but this man was aware of himself in every situation. He is the type that feels he can have two cakes and eat it.

Like I explained I’m just a bit scarred from the drama because I know there are some faithful partners in the world but just like this drama has made us aware some people just always end up cheating, and it is never your fault for being betrayed. It is just a matter of you recognizing what Is best for your health. Is this a relationship that you can be proud of? I’ll advise you to move on if that is not the case. Like a quote from the couple#2 wife “Better a living loser than a dead hero.” No one is worth dying for.  You only have one life to live, and it belongs to you.

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2 thoughts on “(Spoiler) Love (ft Marriage and Divorce) Korean Drama Review

  1. There is no redemption for a cheater. But the Doctor …wow, he is beyond slick. He has those debonair ways of old and thinks that he is just all that. He cheats and has an answer to everything. He is the worst of them all. Then comes the Professor. The lawyer is a whiner, child man. Wife #1 should gladly let him go. The Professor ….he has his match in his daughter. He has lost his kids and has no intention of turning back. He will make another family… he thinks.

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  2. Exactly my thoughts, but the worst for me is couple #3. The husband is beyond evil for not even feeling like what he is doing is even bad. The other husbands recognize their actions but he does not. Also season 2 is currently being aired on Netflix if you want to catch up on it.

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