Korean Drama Review List before 2020

Dear Anime World drama lovers,

It is finally time to share some of the most biased popular Korean drama that exist. I am going to be adding the cringey ones, the fighting ones and also the supernatural ones. To remind everyone this is a list before the year 2020 so I am not mentioning any that was aired during that year.

To start, we are going to talk about the school related ones. So, this includes any drama that has a high school setting and includes any form of genre.

1. Princess Hours

2. Coffee Prince

3. Boys over Flowers

4. You’re beautiful

5. Heirs

6. To the beautiful you

7. Reply 1997

8. School (2013, 2015, 2017)

 9. Heart Strings

10. Love Alarm

The other genre we are going to be looking at is action tv drama before 2020.

1. K2

2. Healer

3. City Hunter

4. Bring it on Ghost

5. Bridal Mask

6. Young-pal

7. While you were sleeping

8. W

9. I can’t hear your voice

10. Vagabond

Most of these if not all can be found using DramaCool.

I personally have watched 18 out of these combining all the school 2013, 2015 and 2017  as one. They are all really entertaining. My favourite still has to be K2 in the action department and School 2013 in the school department. Loved every minute of my experience watching them all.

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Bye Anime World lovers.


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