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Dear Anime lovers,

We are discussing the animals in anime that help kick the enemy’s butts. Our main focus today is dogs and cats. There are so many animals used in Anime but we are focusing on the animals that help their owners fight the enemy or fight for themselves using extreme powers.

In the left corner we have the cats and the winner for today’s topic is Kuro, from the anime Blue Exorcist A.K.A Ao no Exorcist. Kuro is a black supernatural cat with two tails and two horns on his head. He is also a deity (god) who ends up partnering with Rin, the main character from Blue Exorcist and defeating other demons. He later becomes Rin’s familiar.

 For those who do not know what a familiar is. It is an animal or spirit that helps witches or other supernatural people with magic. Rin was an exorcist so hence he was magical. He was other things, but I’m really trying not to spoil it but I was quite shocked about who he was.

Kuro was a powerful deity disguised as a cat who had to be controlled due to his killing spree when humans stopped worshipping him. This was possible as he could transform into a very big cat larger than an adult human being.

He found a companionship in Rin who resembled his former master Shiro who was Rin’s adopted father and they ended up being partners themselves. Kuro ended up becoming one of the guardians of the True Cross Academy a high school for young exorcists to cultivate their powers to adulthood for slaying demons. In the right corner we have the dogs and our winner is Iggy a Boston Terrier breed from the anime Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Stardust Crusaders. Iggy should be a legend on his own in my opinion. Iggy is not just any dog he is a mood. For those who have read about him in a manga or watched him in the anime and seen his actions you would understand. For those who have not, all I can say is you just have to see for yourself.

Iggy is a true hero for where dogs stand and even though he is the most antisocial dog I have ever seen in an anime he is still an animal that we equate his actions to that of a human being. His first introduction and later interactions with the main characters Jotaro, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Avdol and Kakyoin are what makes Iggy himself.

To be truthful Iggy is a very selfish dog that only thinks of himself and in different instances has shown his lack of interest in assisting the rest of the team in defeating their main enemy DIO. He wants to do what he wants to do which is just eat and take a nap but due to the mission forced on him having a STAND which in the Jojo anime equates to having a strong physical power that Jotaro and his crew had, he was forced to join the mission. He has shown instances of abandoning his team and saving himself due to his high sense of smell and being able to avoid danger. This made the crew realise how selfish the dog was especially Jean Pierre Polnareff who had a personal beef with the dog. You wonder why I chose Iggy since he sounds like such an annoying dog, but I kid you not, as the show progresses Iggy changes. We even get a voice for him in the show which in itself was amazing because before then we the viewers had no connection to him. After listening to his thought process, you begin to realize his actions and begin to side with his actions. As a dog and a STAND user Iggy had a lot of fights leading to a very painful end for him, but during that fight he made up for it by protecting Jean Pierre Polnareff to the shock of even Jean. Iggy is and will forever be a symbol for a man’s best friend.

The winner for this week is Iggy and also because I am still emotional when I think of him. There are different animals that need a shout out and they include:

  1. Madara – Natsume Yuujinchou – cat
  2. Happy – Fairy Tale – cat
  3. Pakkun – Naruto – dog
  4. Akamaru – Naruto -dog
  5. Luna and Artemis – Sailor moon – cats

I am not adding half demons like Inuyasha and Kurama from Naruto because they are just too powerful and are connected to humans.

I hope you enjoyed your read. If you have anything to add about my choices, you are welcome to share.

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Bye Anime World lovers.


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