(Spoiler) Hello Me Korean Drama Review

Dear Anime World drama lovers,

Help! That is how I felt when I watched this drama. The idea is new and old at the same time. Time travel. There are other dramas that include time traveling either going to the past like The King: Eternal Monarch by Lee Min Ho or Alice by Joo Won, but I promise this one was different. The show is about a woman who is almost 40 and has not much of a social life. She works for a grocery store and has to put on those plushie costumes to attract clients. She has serious low self-esteem but this all changes when she gets a visit from her loud and obnoxious teenage self. That in itself is a bit different. Never seen a show where they are the same people, so that was exciting in its own way.

The teenage self is quite innocent but aware and causes a lot of problems for her adult self. Imagine the 20 years you back when phones did not even have the ability to take pictures. Imagine what was acceptable then and not now. The number of things you could currently get into trouble for saying or doing are just endless.

The show is just full of humor and even the male leads both the first and second male leads are comedic. They make the show so much exciting because not every chance you find the main male lead young but so large. I think it’s the fact that he is so tall, and she is so much shorter that it leaves a cuter image. He is younger than her in age and the way he gradually shows his interest is interesting in its own way. He is so smooth in how he does it even I got surprised we had gotten to that love interest stage.

The woman is so kind, and she is very protective of the younger self and even though there are people that would find her kindness to be weak or a bit tiring I recognize that not all people are the same. Acceptance of different personalities is also what makes us human. You may gravitate towards the same kind of person you find yourself to be but all in all if you accept that there are others that are different from you, it’s easier to sleep better.

Also, a little warning, the show talks a lot about confections (food snacks) so be prepared. It is very addictive. I repeat, do not be like me. I ended up buying so much sugar after watching this drama that my family members want to kill me for it.

All in all, it was a good drama, I am currently still watching it as it is still airing, but I advise you to watch it if you enjoy puppy love like older woman younger man, comedy that is just too much or romance that excites you, cause why not?

With regard to the review I’ll give it an 8 because it is still unique enough with the story line. I have no major complaints because I believe the cast fit their characters. I just wished they warned the viewers there was going to be a lot of talks about confections.

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Bye Anime World drama lovers.


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