Top 5 Sports anime

Dear Anime World lovers,
We are discussing anime that has a sport genre. There are different types of anime that focuses on this genre including even golf. Yes, I am talking about “Dan Doh! The Super Shot”. That was an interesting anime. If you have not watched it or are just curious how golf can be animated, I advise you to watch it. Also, a reminder that this list is not in any order of preference.

The very first sport anime to watch that I advise is a basketball one called “Slam Dunk”. You have probably heard of it and if you haven’t, please you need to know about the beauty of such an anime. Slam dunk is about a delinquent high school student that has no immediate interest in basketball but joins the school team to impress a girl he likes and comes to fall in love with the sport. He is joined by other teammates, and together they compete in matches with other school teams for the Basketball national tournaments. The important detail about slam dunk is how the main character has been able to express his newly gained love for basketball.

The second anime to watch is “Knights in the Area” a soccer sport. All I can say for this anime is to be prepared with tissues for the early scenes. It is an inspiring anime that reminds every one of the importance of life. The main character has some difficulties making a goal and after receiving a surgery begins to improve. I believe that was where I also learned about first soccer term a “hat-trick” which means a player scoring a goal three times in a game. How exciting right?

The third sport anime to watch is “Major” which focuses on baseball. It focuses on an individual from childhood when he first got interested in the sport due to early access from his father who was a very famous baseball player to an adult that continued to play professionally. It contains 6 seasons but as you can imagine there was never a dull moment in our main characters life. It is an anime I recommend to watch especially if you enjoy the baseball game.

The fourth sport anime to watch is called “Haikyuu” which focuses on volley ball. It focuses on two individuals who become acquainted due to their interest on volleyball. Originally met as rivals but realized later they were to be on the same team for their high school. It becomes an adventure from there for winning games across their prefectures to aim for the national volleyball competitions.

The fifth and final best anime is “Kuroko no Basuke” which focuses on basketball. This anime shows the collaboration of two powerful individuals who achieve greater results when connected with basketball. One is from a basketball team formerly known as “Generation of Miracles” which was well known and powerful but for only five individuals, ignoring the forgotten sixth member which he was; while the second was an individual that had just returned from spending his middle school in the United States of America. The anime shows the journey of what it means to succeed while competing with other teams for a championship.

There are currently still ongoing sport anime to watch and there are some that are really impressive like “Free “a swimming sport anime and “Hajime no Ippo” a boxing sport. I currently just watched “2.43 seiin high school boys” anime a volley ball sport and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ll review it as 7.5/10 for the overall. I’ll advise you all to watch it if you have not.

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