(Spoiler) Vincenzo Korean Drama Review

Is there anyone who does not love a good mafia storyline? The best part? It’s connected to a Korean drama. Now I am not going to be offended, but I will be shocked if you as a Korean drama fanatic does not know the name Song Joong-Ki. You may forget his name, but he is popular on his own with such a handsome face. He is from “Descendants of the Sun” , “Arthdal Chronicles” and most recent Multi-language movie “Space Sweepers” To stop drooling let’s move on. Our review today is a drama called Vincenzo currently on Netflix for those who love living easier lives. The drama is about a man named Vincenzo Cassano who is adopted into the mafia world in Italy and raised to be a mafia lawyer.

He returns to Korea to hide from the constant pressure from his adopted brother and future mafia leader and plans to destroy a building that some irregular tenants are living in. The reason is he needs to kick them out of the building to find the money he had stashed. The comedy ensues with such a magnificent cast. The romance in the show is subtle which was something I was excited about, but it has lasting effects due to very attractive male and female lead. The lead actress is Jeon Yeo-been from the Korean movie “After my death”.

There is the usual bad guy, good guy scenario in the movie, but a surprising cast in the show is our beautiful and handsome and yes, he deserves both Ok Taecyeon from boy band 2PM. What a blessing he is to humanity. He is as amazing as usual in the show and his acting is still just as amazing and yes, he is the antagonist in the show which makes this drama so much more exciting. You need tissues for this movie as your emotions are going to be going from high to low. In one case you need a tissue in the next you are hoping to get your hands on a broken bottleneck. Too much? Well, you have to watch it to see what I mean, and you’ll probably agree to at least sharpening of a garden hoe to take some characters out.

The main cast is a perfect fit including the tenants, and they add so much to the storyline because they remind the viewers of the importance of survival, how fear stunts our growth and what it looks like when uniting to protect yourself in the face of danger.
The female leads character, you might need some warming up to so don’t drop it because of her character. She is a bit selfish at the beginning of the drama but watching her growth on screen was amazing in its own way. The actress beautifully portrays her character so well. Also watching her fall in love with the male lead slowly is so satisfying because her reactions are so believable and ordinary the viewers might have reacted the same way.

In regard to rating of the movie I’ll give it an 8/10, and the reason is that the beginning was so exciting due to all the gun fighting scenes in Italy but when the character moves to Korea due to their gun laws in Korea there are hardly any scenes with guns. It was like a wild tiger had been tamed, so I was quite disappointed in it. I am currently still watching the drama, so I hope they at least shoot someone at the end cause why not right?

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