(Spoiler) Beyond Evil Korean Drama Review

Dear Anime World Drama lovers,

Beyond Evil is an amazing drama filled with a talented cast. I’m still so hooked on it that I am not done watching it but decided to write a review. The drama is a thriller with some dashes of despair and a serial killer on the loose. Our main actors are Policemen and their duty is to find out who has been killing for the past 20 years in a small rural town. Our stars are Shin Ha Kyun from Korean dramas “Mr. Back” and “Soul Mechanic” and our child star actor Yeo Jin Goo from “Hotel del Luna” and “The Crowned Clown”. Great dramas if you have not seen them. The acting is superb and engaging where I can’t seem to look away and the story line is so engaging.

The best type of drama where it is not easy to spot who the culprit could be is just as effective as being one of the characters and having to go through what they are going through. Everyone is a suspect and the only one who is innocent of being a serial killer is Yeo Jin Goo’s character (Han Joo Won) because he would have been seven years old when the killings started.

Shin Ha Kyun’s male lead character (Lee Dong Sik) is the main suspect and is acknowledged as a possible issue because he is also a policeman. The town believes in protecting each other and anyone not recognized as a member of their town is automatically unwelcome. Yeo Jin Goo’s character is the son of the Police Commissioner, and he is tired of people trying to win favours around him. He meets the other male lead and there is an instant cat and mouse chemistry between the characters. Due to everyone being suspicious that is what makes the drama so exciting.

The storyline is very entertaining and should be awarded for such amazing twists. The serial killings do not stop and even finding out who the culprit is it does not mean the killings end. This is why I can’t sleep currently. I’m hooked. Every time I try to take a break something catches my attention and I continue watching. If you have not seen this drama, I ask you watch it on Drama Cool. All 16 episodes are aired. In regard to my review, I’ll give it a 9/10 and that’s because it is lacking a 1 in case of anything that might happen in the rest of the drama that I have not seen yet. The music, storyline and cast all worked well together and the hope is that the two male leads get another opportunity to act in a different drama.

Edit: Just finished the drama and it gets an 11/10. Yes this is a real number. If you have not watched it, I am advising you to drop everything and watch it. It’s probably one of the best dramas I have ever seen. I keep going back to rewatch some scenes which is a rare thing for me to do. Tell me what you think about it in the comment section once you are done. I am really curious what you guys think.

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