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It’s time for another Korean drama review that has been entertaining me for a while now. Our Korean drama Queen is back and yes, I am talking about our beautiful Park Shin-Hye. I’ll be surprised if as a drama fanatic she is unknown to you but here is an introduction. Park Shin-Hye is the main actress from dramas including “Heirs”, “You’re Beautiful”, “Memoirs of Alhambra” so many amazing more. 2020 alone has been her year with 2 movies coming out alone for her including zombie themed “Alive” and thriller “CALL” recently aired on Netflix. The male lead actor is Cho Seung-woo who is known very well from his drama “Stranger” also found on Netflix.

The Sisyphus drama is a time traveling drama that focuses on the word ‘regret’. The idea is that humans have a lot of regret and if you could go back to fix things, would you? I really enjoyed it because Park Shin-Hye was kicking butt as usual in this drama with all the action-packed situations but I kind of loved even the romance in it. I was actually happy to see the actors fall in love in the show as it was so cute and believable.

There are also a lot of other cast members in the show that highlighted the beauty of this show, but you really have to watch it to understand.

Some of my favourite characters in the show is the character that plays Park Shin-Hye’s characters father. He is so wholesome and a perfect example of what it means to be a father. To love and protect one’s child is a blessing and an opportunity. It may surprise you to hear this, but the bad guy was in my heart. It sounds ridiculous, but I could see what caused him to be who he is, what he turned out to be and just as it is his fault for his actions, we can see how the society made him the way he is.

There are just too many things to witness in this drama, and I am surprised if you have not seen it or if it is not on your list. Even the beginning of the drama starts out with a bang where Gang Seo-Hae, Park Shin-Hye’s character is being warned by her father to not meet Cho Seung-woo’s character Han Tae-Sul when she goes back to the past. He is worried about his daughter because he has an idea of the hardship she would face when she travels back to the past to save the world. In their pastime there was a war that caused a massive destruction that caused more than 10 million people in South Korea to be killed.

Gang Seo-Hae’s mission is to go back to the past and protect the man, Han Tae-Sul; that can stop the war from happening. It was quite satisfying to watch as we view the comedy, drama, action and romance all in one. I am just excited they picked the right actress for this because she is only the one, I can imagine being able to pull off fighting scenes that beautifully. Her and maybe Bae Doo Na from “Sense 8” and “Stranger”.

In regard to the rating of the show I’ll give it an 8/10 and the reason is that there were a few scenes that did not make a lot of sense. There are unfortunately some plot holes. That took away from the experience, unfortunately.

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