(SPOILER) Navillera Korean Drama Review

Dear Anime World drama lovers,

Do you love ballet? Cause if you don’t it does not matter. You are going to love the drama choice for today. It’s Navillera. Originally a webtoon that was turned into a live drama of 12 episodes of beautiful cinematography found on Netflix and other Korean sites like DramaCool. What should I even say? You just have to watch it to understand what an amazing gem this show is. The themes are about family, having a dream, never giving up and just a lot of emotional topics. You are probably going to need some tissues on the side to watch this. What a rollercoaster but no regrets about watching.

First if you do not know the actor Song Kang, I’ll be a bit surprised but no judgement. He is killing it with most of his shows being aired on Netflix alone for “Love Alarm”, “Sweet Home” and now “Navillera” He is an amazing actor and just being able to see how versatile he is in his roles makes it more exciting. The other main actor is Park in-Hwan who is well known for his role in “Beautiful Heritage”.

The story is about an old man who had a dream from young to be in the ballet especially one called “Swan Lake” composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875–76 but was denied by his father when young, and now that he is 70 years old, he regrets not having done it. He is to be taught ballet by Song Kang’s character (Lee Chae-Rok) who is also trying to win a national competition for his self. Of course, as expected comedy ensues in this drama. Park In-Hwan’s character (Shim Deok-Chul) feels he has to hide his interest about ballet from his family including wife, children and grandchild. It’s so sad because he understands that some people would never understand his dream especially one that needs all his physical features at such an old age. He never gives up regardless of his shortcomings and as you watch it you begin to root for him. I am currently crying again as I type this just remembering how people were against him. I just want to take this opportunity to tell you readers that the only one who stops you from achieving your dreams is you yourself. People around you may have an opinion, but that is all it is. When you achieve something great it’s all yours. No one gets to share it whether they were on your side or not.

The drama is Melodramatic, and it should be used as an inspiration to others. There were the antagonists in the show, and even they get a beautiful second chance at the end of the drama. It was such a rewarding experience, and I am just happy to have watched it. For the review I’ll give it a 9 and that’s because as usual Korean dramas are too cliché in their stories. There were a lot of foreshadowing of what was going to happen towards the end, so I kind of already knew most of the outcome. Another thing is for the show you really do not want to miss out the ballet moves by Lee Chae-Rok. They are just beautiful to watch and even if as I suspect it is a stunt double in the show, they really have grace while dancing and I just keep replaying some of his dance scenes. Good job to the cast and crew for such an amazing performance.

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