Dear Anime World lovers, 

I am back again to give a review that to be honest, I already know you have either watched or heard about. In fact, some of you are even able to provide a better version of a review. I normally do not give too many spoilers while writing, but not today. I am going all out and giving enough spoilers, so you feel you actually watched the show if you have not. I am going to split the review in 4 posts so that I do not overwhelm the readers.

The show starts off with our main character, who in another word is a shameless gambler and the father of a young girl. He is aware of his self-worth, but is stuck in the world of continuous gambling. He meets a man who through the method of gambling gets invited to a place where he arrives unconscious. When he arrives, there are as many as 455 other people there, and he happens to be named as the last one of 456. They are all trapped in a facility on an island surrounded by water. They are introduced to each other by numbers and recognized by the staff of the facility by the numbers. The workers of the facility dressed in pink jumpsuits are to never remove their masks. They are taken to a very big room to fill all 456 members and are told that they are going to be playing their very first game.

It is called “Red Light, Green light” a very famous game that young children in South Korea play to have fun. The game seems easy at first, but all of a sudden, the big massive doll that reads out the game instructions begins to shoot lasers from her eyes killing the people one by one. What a mess it becomes. I believe this is the part that most people watching at home got really involved. It’s the idea that any of us could have been a part of these people due to not having enough money and attending events that claim they can assist financially.

 After all the people that are not really that important are dead in the first episode, the characters decide on a vote for if they can leave or continue to stay. The last player to vote 001 votes that they should all leave the facility and not play the game anymore. Once outside some key players, including the main actor Seong GI Hun played by Lee Jung-Jae from “Deliver us from Evil” realize that they really do need the money and decide to go back to the facility and try to be the sole winner of 45 billion Won which in USD equals around 38 million. That’s a lot of money, I’ll say.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and in the mean time please check out banwoscorner.com for anime merchandise. See you next time.

Bye Anime World lovers.

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