Dear Anime World lovers,

Thank you for reading, liking my previous posts and subscribing to my page. I do see you guys and appreciate it. I also see that some of you follow me on my instagram page banwoscorner. Thank you. I am back again for another Squid game review. The 3rd part of this tale. This review focuses on the 3rd and 4th game only while the last post would be on the fifth and final game.

The third game is a Tug of War that ends with the loser team plummeting to death from a high distance. The drama gives the viewers great ideas on how to play the game and succeed. The main characters unite and with a number of some additional members to the team they have to become 10 in a group.

They are able to succeed with the advice of the team player 001 the old man and Cha Sang Woo, the main characters’ childhood friend and the only person he knew from outside the facility. Cha Sang Woo is played by Park Hae Soo from the series Prison Playbook.

The fourth game is the marble game, where we are able to witness the main character finally be a bit deceitful while playing with the player 001. The old man was having dementia episodes and Seong GI Hun used it against him in order to advance in the game. On the other hand, one of the most stressful scenes of betrayal was from Cha Sang Woo to an Indian character called Abdul Ali played by Anupam Tripathi from Space Sweepers. Ali was a character that most international fans related to because he was not Korean.

He was also trusting, kind and a sweet character and the way he was betrayed was just too painful to watch. After his death, the show became so stressful for me because watching an innocent man die that way showed how really messed up the show had become.

To be honest at this point I almost gave up on this show because I connected with him the most. I persevered and continued to watch the series and that is why I would be able to complete this review in the next post.

Ps. Images do not belong to me, only using it to explain in the review.

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Stay tuned for the final part.

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