Dear Anime World lovers,

The hype has finally died down and if you still have not seen Squid game then I promise you that you are not ready for Hellbound. Another chilling Korean drama found on Netflix. I really do not know who is coming up with this stories but no complaints. We are going to discuss the final parts left game 5 and 6.

The Fifth game was probably even the scariest as the behind the scenes confirmed that the actors were really scared while filming because there really was some height involved. The remaining actors only had 16 minutes in total to all cross a bridge made out of tempered or regular glass, where the former was unable to hold their weight.

This game was finally able to get rid of most of the characters, leaving the last 3 finalists. Seong GI Hun, Cha Sang Woo and the main female lead Kang Sae-Byeok a North Korean who had entered South Korea for a hopeful life played by actor HoYeon Jung a model that was recognized by Vogue. After she is killed by Cha Sang Woo who believed he killed her in mercy due to her bleeding prior due to the result of the fifth game, the show now shows us that we are left with 2 finalists.

The Sixth game is actually the Squid game, but during that game it focused more on the friendship and rivalry between Seong GI Hun and Cha Sang Woo. Seong GI Hun is ready to give up on the 45 billion Won and walk out with Cha Sang Woo, but Sang Woo kills himself during a one-on-one fight between them, deciding there is no other way for the game to end but for one of them to win. The ending is here, Seong GI Hun is now the final winner of the game. The worst part is that due to the deaths to get the money, Seong GI Hun does not use the money. He feels too guilty to use it, so it still sits in his account even after a year.

 The show itself is so amazing, but some of the things that really made me really intrigued is the idea of the anonymity of the members of the show. It still irks me that I never saw some characters face for half the show because they were all wearing pink jumpsuits. Another idea for the series that bothered me was when they showed wealthy people betting on the contestants as a form of sport. This reminded me of people who bet on animal fights using dogs, cocks and horse race betting.

To be honest, if you have not watched this show I’ll be surprised, but here is to hoping you have seen it, but if not, this was a summary of the whole show. For a show that has been in the making since 2008 I can understand the number of details put in and as a result it became the most watched show in the world. Thank you to the cast, writers and directors for an amazing show.

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