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We are finally doing an anime review this time. It has been a while. Today’s review is the very famous Jojo Bizarre Adventure anime, and we are discussing the 6th arc, Stone Ocean. The only female Jojo character. To be honest, I am just so excited about this one because it did not disappoint. For anyone who has not watched it or has not even started the Jojo stories, you are so lucky because you get to watch it and enjoy such a masterpiece. It is such an emotional ride, so stop all you are doing and go watch it right now. 

Stone Ocean focuses on Jotaro Kujo’s daughter Jolyne  Cujoh, who is found guilty of murder and imprisoned in a “you can never escape type of prison” called Green Dolphin Street Jail. A very scary prison that shoots first, asks questions later for any type of escape. The whole 10 episodes are her stuck in prison and trying to survive from her fellow prison mates and try to escape while still being hunted by assassins with very strong stands.

A stand is a physical manifestation of one’s life’s energy that is unique and gives strength to the individual. No two stands are ever alike in my knowledge and from what I remember watching, but they all come in different forms, hence unique. If you remember Iggy from one of my last posts, he is a dog that has a dog stand. Some animals also have stands, and they are just as strong as the human stands. 

Jotaro visits the prison to try and get his daughter out and during the escape he is shot and left for dead and even though the two have an estranged relationship Jolyne has decided she is going to save her father from the enemy. She believes she can bring her father back to life if she can get the soul CD that was taken from her father by a Reverend father and the enemy in the show Enrico Pucci an Italian man parading the prison in the name of receiving confessions from the inmates but is really a killer.

 Jolyne’s character is such an amazing character and I really thought the creator Hirohiko Araki might not have any surprises for me because I was used to the style of the show, but he continued to surprise me. Her character is so well written. Teenage angst, Jojo convictions and determination from her ancestors she never even knew, and just generally a kick-ass personality. She beats up villains just like her dad, shouting the “Ora Ora Ora” phrase and says the “Yare Yare Daze” phrase without even once hearing it from her father. She even made sure her last name is different from her father, Kujo to Cujoh to show us her anger at her father.

Jolyne also gets her own stand. She names it Stone Free, because her plan is to be free from the prison, she finds herself in. To be honest, while watching the show I always had this belief that no matter how sticky a situation she finds herself in, she always wins. It might sound boring and cliché, but the way she finds an escape is so entertaining and amazing that you ask yourself how you ever doubted her in the first place. This is the reason I love the show, especially because it gives me ways to think while watching the show.

It’s a very engaging show, and you feel you are just in the same situation as her, which is similar to the Squid Game show games. There is just so much going on in this show, and the only way to understand it all is to watch it on Netflix. All seasons are currently on it.

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